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Wechat micro site is an essential element of marketing, which combines mobile websites and Wechat public platform, enables users to focus on business public platform to directly access corporate official micro-site and features a variety of micro-site features interactive games, good interaction with the customer Wechat, while micro-site can achieve the functions of APP, APP eliminating the high cost of development, is an economical and practical Wechat operations products.

Micro Features

1Completely open Wechat personal account (AC and circle of friends), the public platform (development model, has been turned on for you) interaction / customer management, can make you a fan of viral increased precision, and even complete the automatic execution system!

2As a standard mobile site, will preferentially Baidu included, mobile search engine optimization ranking, thus lead to more precise customers who they can add you Wechat, achieve Wechat exchanges.

3As your exclusive mobile client, direct contact with customers, anytime, anywhere to seize the user eye. Meet the mobile operating browsing habits, give visitors access to the best mobile experience. Achieve a key to call, a key concern Wechat, share a key, a key to the map, a key inquiry, a key message and so on.

Wechat Shop

Wechat Shop "(aka V mall), a mall-based mobile Internet application services products to the hottest interactive applications Wechat for the media, to achieve business online interaction with customers, real-time push the latest product information to Wechat users to achieve micro-channel online shopping functionality. mall the perfect combination of micro-phone client, so you always feel the charm of technology.

Program Features

Quickly achieve the lowest cost O2O, get through online and offline shopping paths, high speed towards a new era of mobile business.

Wechat Marketing

Etackle addition to providing micro-channel-related technology products, but also to provide micro-channel marketing support, accessible customer has the quality of micro-channel marketing resources, can provide customers with tailor-made micro-channel marketing plan. Should there be any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 852-24923881/sale@etackle.com.hk.

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