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SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Combine with the traditional Forum, the new generation social network platforms such as Facebook、Twitter、Weibo have become a very influential Social Network Society (SNS). The populations of SNS will exceed 1.4 billion within 2012.

Advantages of SMM

  1. Over 70% SNS populations will get comments from the society before consuming.
  2. Utilize the interpersonal network; messages can be spread at light speed.
  3. Promote the satisfaction between corporate and customer continuously.


There are nearly 1 billion Facebook users all over the world and about 4 millions in Hong Kong. Etackle provides professional services including (Fans page design;Contents management;Fans recruiting;Ads management;API installation;Facebook Apps design)

WEIBO (微博)

Weibo is the largest social network platform in China with over 400 million users. There is no doubt that Weibo is the best choice for you to exploit the China market and acquire the consumers from China. Etackle provides professional services including (Front page design;Obtain official V Certification;Contents management;Fans recruiting;Handle Weibo activities such as survey, lucky draw and Topic speculation)

Wechat (微信)

Wechat is the most popular IM platform in China with more than 300 million users. The numbers of Wechat user also grow rapidly in Hong Kong & Macau recently. It is the most effective way to promote your products or services in the Great China Region. Etackle provides professional services including (Wechat corporate platform; QR code promotion; Dynamic update Web Apps; online CRM; Launch sales promotion activity)

Etackle also provides e-marketing services for TwitterYouTube & major forums in both Hong Kong and Mainland China Districts.

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