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SEO/SEM (Google,Yahoo,Baidu)

After the website completed, you must increase the exposure and the number of visitors to make it a real difference for your business. According to Hitwise ™ survey results, 80% of internet users are using search engine such as (Yahoo; Google; Baidu… etc.) to find product and service information. So that search engine is certainly a very effective way to let potential customers find you through internet.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

In order to make your website displayed in the prominent position at the sponsored search result area, you can post keyword advertisement to the search engine companies such as (Yahoo; Google; Baidu). In addition to the maximum PPC (Pay Per Click) of the keywords, the website structure, traffic and different kinds of scoring factors will also greatly affected the rankings in both nature (free) and sponsored search result areas.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Principle of SEO is through a variety of techniques to optimize the structure, increase the traffic, and improve the scoring factors such as weighting & PR values of the website. As a result, the ranking of your website in the nature (free) search result area (natural rankings) can be raised very fast and hopefully among the best after 3-6 months in your region. Furthermore, a professional SEO website can also reduce the SEM costs significantly.

We offer a long term planning for your website

- Business segment analysis.
- Keywords suggestion.
- SEO setup & management.
- SEM ads & keywords management.
- Website traffic monitoring & analysis.
- Implement SEO techniques to reduce SEM costs.

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