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eDM (e-mail Direct Marketing)

TNS ™ survey results show that 98% of Internet users have e-mail accounts; more than 70% of them read email every day. So that eDM is and very effective and direct e-marketing tool for existing or potential customers.

Advantages of eDM

  1. Fast respond - You may have enquiries in a few days or even a few hours.
  2. Accurate - Messages can be sent to target groups directly.
  3. Suitable for new products, discount or short-term promotion.
  4. Messages can be saved and recalled whenever needed in the future.

Easy2send™ eDM system

- Super low sending cost.
- Images and hyperlink can be attached in the message.
- Easy-to-use database import function.
- Huge commercial firms and end consumers e-mail database.
- Optimize for major e-mail platform such as (Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo/Sina/163/ QQ …) to improve the rate of arrival.
- The result of sending can be traced and monitoring.

Etackle also provides SMS and WhatsApp® promotion services.

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